Started in 2015, 2nd Best Comedy Fest is the Coalition Theater’s annual comedy festival that’s dedicated to bringing awesome improv (and sometimes sketch) acts from all-around the country to Richmond, VA.

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Coalition Theater

Located at 8 W. Broad St., the Coalition Theater is Richmond, VA’s home for weekly live comedy shows, improv, sketch and stand-up comedy classes, and other fun stuff.

Wanna take a class, see a show, and learn more? Checkout rvacomedy.com.

Past Acts

After School Grandma (Baltimore, MD)

Ambassador (Richmond, VA)

Nolen & Nolen (Pittsburgh, PA)

babyGRAND (Pittsburgh, PA)

BIG BOSSES (Richmond, VA)

Clapsaddle (Richmond, VA)

Clutch (Charleston, SC)

Conversations with Body Language (New Orleans)

Daddy Bulldog (Philadelphia, PA)

Da Vinci (Richmond, VA)

Different Boys (NYC)

Dollar Machine (Richmond, VA)

DSI TourCo (Chapel Hill, NC)

The Dudes (Norfolk, VA)

Future Wives (NYC)

The Future Is Female (NYC)

Golden Nickel (Richmond, VA)

The Gorge (Boston, MA)

Homage (Greenville, SC)

Horse Apples (Richmond, VA)

iMusical (Washington DC)

The Johnsons (Richmond, VA)

Kathryn and Sarah (Philadelphia, PA)

The Lodge (Washington D.C.)

Masher (Philadelphia, PA)

Means To An End (Greenville, SC)

MEGAPOWER (Richmond, VA)

Middle Management (Richmond, VA)

North Coast (NYC)

Overtime Improv (Richmond, VA)

The Pushers (Norfolk, VA)

Request For Protest (Washington D.C.)

ShamTown (Richmond, VA)

Stabbats (Richmond, VA)

These Guy are Sick (New York City)

Trew+2 (New Orleans, LA)

Ümläüt (Raleigh, NC)

Upstairs Gallery (Chicago)

VERSUS (Chapel Hill, NC)

Wicked City  (NYC)